[LCN] Addressing 2500 FP for $5 Concern

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SparkleMotion, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Sara619

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    Jared you are hilarious. You made me laugh today. I think everyone needs to look at the screenshot. I would know instantly that was a huge mistake.
    It would be worse then the bonus mafia got when they came to mob. I once played Mafia. I didn't get anything. Not even a reply. I'm not crying over it. Just getting my heinie kicked at times by people that are way lower then my level. :rolleyes:
    Life is too short for people to get their undies in a wad over this. Just think about the poor soul that made the mistake. Hope they didn't get fired. I'm sure they have family, dog or cat they need a house, food etc :eek:
    If you get too frustrated just shut down your computer or just walk away from it. Everyone get your game face on today. Let's play and have fun.
    Thanks for giving us the same sale as the ones they haven't ever purchased before. I needed this! :)
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    As this thread has strayed off topic (said posts were removed) we're going to go ahead and close it at this time.

    Any further questions or concerns can be sent to us at support.kanoapps.com :)
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