[LCN] [add my] player code + a couple questions.

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Simeø, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Simeø

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    Hey what's going on

    I'm new to the game
    I joined yesterday or two days ago and just wanted to see if anyone knew:

    How important the attack and defence stats are (as I've seen and now own many powerful weapons, while I see energy as a more important stat to improve) ? * open question
    What are someways you can level up faster?
    Which properties would you recommend buying?
    How do you make connections with other Mafia groups?

    It says also somewhere that your mod has acess to your weapons, someone please explain how this works.

    Are there any places where you can see all the weapons, armor and vehicles available in the game? A wikipedia, possibly?

    What are some tips you can suggest when playing the game?
    How important is MOB, and does it affect fights?
    What are some of the things you can do that increase your chances of receiving Favor, from the Godfather?
    Also, I'm a bit stumped on the Elite Mobster mechanic... someone please explain this.

    feel free to share your code with me as I am very enthusiastic about the game, having played it on FB many years ago now
  2. Simeø

    Simeø New Member


    How do you change the icon next to your name?

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