Actual ZS Active User Numbers

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    Thank you for sharing.
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    sure that seems realistic....

    until you see that only 3700 people have hit the world boss 12 hours after it came online...

    then you start to many of those that hit it were alts...

    and the number drops....
  4. raindogs23

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    I'm betting that someone who is a better statistician than myself can crunch the numbers and find some interesting trends.
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    I notice several people in factions I have been in that dont hit the world boss at all, or dont even bother to hit it every day. so Im sure there are a lot of players that dont participate in world boss at all.

    10k daily visitors seems realistic to me,

    not 10k people that play daily, but 10k people daily. If that makes sense.

    you got to remember there are a ton of people, that just play damned near every app on facebook. Never paying attention to the intricacy of games like kano. maybe advancing to level 200 after a year. of playing a time or two a week.
  6. The DAU has been the same for ZS for a few months, seems realistic(ish) to me,depending on how accurate Appdata is, but this is just for fb and not MS :)
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    i wonder if that thing tracks just how many times people log in to the thing. 10k daily seems to be quite high.....but if it's counting how many times say......I log in and out of it....then it don't seem that high. Let's say i play for 1 hour, then jump out of the game and check my actual FB page, then come back in to ZS..... is that 2 daily visits? I am in and out of the game frequently throughout the day, so if I put up 5-6-7 of those visits per day, then it would start to make sense.
  8. weekly 30k active user... if any of you believe that your pretty naive ...Look how many join world boss ...yes some don't attack world boss but then again how many alts dooo :)) and seriously anyone going to claim that 26k don't hit world boss ??
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    Why would they?

    In the higher levels, world boss XP is great, but those that are less level 200, barley break even on xp for attaking the world boss, to one of thier own. Certainly doesnt even come close to comparing to the XP they get on their seemingly endless fight list for 5 stamina.
  10. The actual number of players shown aren't near as important (in my opinion) as are the trends.
    Trends are always there (ups, downs, all time highs, all time lows, plateaus) there just a fact of life.
    The plateaued DAU trend is the one that concerns me "the fighter" the most.
    The reason for my concern is that a plateaued DAU means the same core group of players are logging on and collecting XP each day but the new players aren't.
    If the DAU's aren't growing than it stands to reason that the new players aren't falling in love with the app and if they aren't falling in love with the app than they aren't making it into the range of those of us who have.

    Zombie Slayers is possibly the best PVP fighting app that I've ever played and taking into consideration Facebook's antisocial stance on sending friend request to more than a few people a day (only people you personally know, I should add) its definitely the most logical I've ever played.
    The problem in the beginning stages of Zombie Slayer isn't in being bullied (protection period / hitlisting restrictions) *eye roll*
    The problem isn't in the ability to fill your squad requirements.
    The problem isn't that its too hard to gain XP. (it is possibly too easy)
    The problem isn't that its too hard to gain game credits (UN credits)

    The problem is that its hard to navigate and this makes the learning curb long and daunting. By the time new players find their way around all the different tabs, and start to get a grasp on what they all do, they're a few hundred levels in and realize that they've totally screwed the pooch with their build... So, they just give up.

    Instead of treating the new players like a bunch of babies that need protection and should be restricted in their gaming actions, developers
    should look at how to make all the different aspects "needs to succeed" more transparent to new players.

    No squads available in your range, check back soon.

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