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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Matt Gerrits, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Matt Gerrits

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    I know I do not post much in the forums but I figure this would be a better spot to ask this question than in the game chatrooms. Why are there several insane gamer points achievements? I have looked at all the achievements since new ones were added and didn't think much of it until Deren received his achievement for reaching the 22.8 million mark. I looked at my points as well as a few others and noticed that something seems a bit off. The longest playing player on this game, as well as the one with the highest gamer points, is Sleeper with 28.1 million points and he has been playing for 1766 days. That equates to 4 years, 8 months and some days to spare. He needs roughly 3 years to make that last achievement. Some of us it will be a little longer to get it, but closer than many of the rest of LCN players. Do you not think the last 2 maybe 3 gamer points achievements is a bit much for the players that have less than a year or two under that belts that want to continue playing? Just something that popped up into mind as I sat here playing LCN. Thanks for the time spent reading this.
  2. Kirsten

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    it is not meant to be easy , as Kano said :) most people have played more than 4 years
  3. JADES

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    If look at world leaders on LCN top person has 40,777,750 gp's, actually 102 players have over 40k on Facebook, guessing your on Armor/Kong platform... Usually when achievements go out, it's for all platforms why your seeing this. ;)
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