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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by cesarr, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. cesarr

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    So i was 1 and then overnight some guy named Cheyo Twister goes up 30 levels somehow????
    And to be honest, he sucks, being number 1, your suppose to be awesome and very strong, when i was number 1, i could be on the hitlist for very long and when i logged off, some guy does like 20 attacks to knock me off and after i attack them, and kill them, i can’t attack them no more, because they got like so many ambushes. The top players on mob wars are like the best, but here, it’s just me, why can’t someone just come to the top like KNIGHT and dominate, right now know it’s been 4 hour since KNIGHT has been on the hitlist, the 1st and 3rd rank players aren’t in his squad, but i am, so i won’t attack
    The 3rd ranked player listed him, :(, coward.
    The 1st ranked player, idk about him.
    I got to be honest KNIGHT is one of the best player in the game, just look at his stats, and he's not a cheater.

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    Accusations of Cheating is past Old..

    The accusations of cheating is getting quite old & I really wish people would stop whining. Players advance in the game for various reasons & it isn't due to cheating.
    So please, once & for all, STOP.

    Thank you,
  3. av4tar

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    if you look at it, i would say people are paying to play! chipping it to the top. alot of players ive noticed have done at least 40 levels in a day!

    thats up to them if they want to pay for a free game .. im happy playing for free and getting as much enjoyment out of it! paying is not cheating .. having multiple accounts is, scripting & botting is! theres a topic for all of these though!
  4. Vampryss..DONT READ THE DAMN POSTS!! If you are tired of ME Whinning as you call it..Oh and for your information I will not stop the posts about cheaters..
  5. you have some anger issues and need to see a shrink if a game is really bothering you that much.
    where there are games,there will be cheaters.just live with that fact.the forum is not a place to vent your anger.
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    KNIGHT New Member

    I have to admit...Im unclear on what your talking about Nemesis aka Luv2show..Im not aware of anyones accounts being frozen having anything to do with passing me in a game. as for the term wuss..if you mean me..Im sooo hurt..lol. Now as to the thread topic..skill point allocation is up to each individual for their character. Its fine to want to be realllyyy high level..but Im not sure Id want to do that and have people half my level kicking my butt..lol.It would be embarrasing and contrary to the makings of a great player.But at the end of the day..its just a game folks.:)
  7. Hey Knight? do you play Pirate? You've killed me in Viking and Zombie...just wondering if you snuck the hat trick in without me knowing, lol
  8. couldnt agree more with that.being high level is one thing,but if you poorly allocate your skill points,then what good is the level as those half if not lower could beat you down?
    a good player needs a high attack and defense,decent to high health,decent energy and decent to high stamina.

    if you are low in any area,that is not good allocating of your skill points and will cost if you keep ignoring the thing(s)your low in.
  9. Must be boring be nr1
    im just chilling out do upgrades on property/inventory attack boss and my fight list is full
    ..one day i use all my 100+ stamina on fight page and was not enough stamina in 10 min list is full again wow that's what i call it game ...


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