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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by John Fear Clementi, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. John Fear Clementi

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    I just want to suggest a few things. I used to be a huge Mafia Wars fan on facebook. I played since day one of the release of the game. I spent God knows how much into the game. What had me leave mafia wars was a combination of 2 things. The company Zynga made the game impossible to play literally forcing you to use real cash in order to do the easiest of tasks. They literally never did anything for their customers, and the result was the lose of alot of veteran players. The second reason was the over abundance of cyber bullys. They would literally bully your friends, family, and bash you in real life because they either enjoy it or because you are better than them in the game. So i left and searched for a new game, Pirate clan..... I love it so far. You guys are pretty good to the players too. I do have a few suggestions though. I love a good clan war, but only allowing 25 players in a clan can get kind frustrating for people who love to war. I see we can use favor points to buy weapons and hire captains. That is all well and good to invest money into it to beef up, but i strongly suggest allowing us to be able to use favor points to buy skill points. It raises money for you, and allows us to beef up in attack, defense, health, and stamina. War clans who fight honorable and not bully people make it freaking awesome to keep playing. This can also bring in the ex veteran heavy bad asses who quit mafia wars and sky rocket cash flows. I know you guys like to keep things fair, so maybe you guys can create caps. Maybe only allowing to beef up so far depending on level so the game play is fair. then when you level up you are allowed to invest x amount into skill points. Then you guys can have a clan war hall of fame showing which clan is the toughest and holds the most won wars, fights, kills, etc etc.... lol you get the idea.. What say you, matey?
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    You do not need to buy skill points to advance in PC or any Kano app and that is what makes them great games, besides the fact buying skill points is Never, Ever gonna happen :)
  3. Jon Ward

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    No green so its just regular ole me. But if you truly played mafia wars since day one then you would know what caused it to go downhill quickly was them allowing to finally purchase skill points and everyone and there brother created alts doing this. So i am glad kano took a stance since day one on not allowing the purchase of skill points.
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    I've moved this post to its own thread as it didn't have anything to do with the original post of the thread it was under. Feel free to discuss it here.
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    well for what i an see the arena is just like a boss that can fight back,

    so how about kano adding a 1000 bosses of various strengths at the start of the arena

    say first 4hrs and only bosses come on fight list and have a count down to say how many left

    i think this will help the lower levels build up health and encourage them to join in the fighting as they know they wont get killed straight away

    also it will give them levels you could also put a ban on certain bosses so higher levels dont kill them off like only certain levels can attack them

    just an idea for you to think of and it may help the arena run longer and encourage the lower levels can you modify any thing if you think ok
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    moved this to the Idea section

  7. I was looking at VC, and noticed VC has a list of current wars in the Guild section. I think that might be a nice addition here in PC near the armada lists. Just a thought :D
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    Oh please, make Kano happy.... John, I see you got an idea, why not share and accept some notes?
    Share it here: http://forums.kanoapps.com/forumdisplay.php?101-Ideas
  9. The Protector

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    LCN also has wars...

    Never made it over to pirates yet.

    Not sure if it ever will.
  10. Does that mean VC is being dev'd more than PC?
  11. Akkhunter1

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    Ok, just a quick word from me. If people could buy skill points it would ruin the game/make it much harder for other players.

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