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  1. forbidden7

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    Does putting all ur stat into energy makes u level faster?
  2. Depends on how long term you are planning (year or years) and if you plan to fight at some point or just level.

    Stamina give a better xp outcome than energy ! so first you should get 1000 stamina then 4500 energy... (refill max)
    I will not reveal what is the best way to level after that, but if you get to know the game and is good at math you will figure it out.
    good luck
  3. forbidden7

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    4500 energy ? that will tke 1 more year i guess T.T...i only can level 1-2 times per day..that is only 5 stat per 1 level..im doom T.T..
  4. Relentless

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    I can die 10-20 times a day and still level up, you've just got to make sure you're doing everything you can to help yourself.

    Make sure you have a good size squad so you can max out on all the "helps". Do 1 stam attacks on coop bosses just so you can get the joining boost. As you add energy you will find you can level easier. It takes time to make/change a build but plenty have done it.
  5. Eraser

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    Im a firm believer in stamina. I suggest 1000 stamina by the time you are level 1000, and really before that is even better.

    The energy, while it can help you a lot while you're a lower level, is not going to account for your xp as much when you reach a higher level... and its pretty well limited what you can do with energy, click outbreaks, and use in boobytraps, that is all.

    Energy is just fine at 1000, I have seen the whole game to be surrounded around having 1000 energy. At the time that outbreaks jump up from 5 levels each, to 10... with 1k stamina, i was just barley getting them done before the next one opens up, then when they changed to 10 levels each i had plenty of room to spare, and now between new orleans and san fransisco when it jumps up to 15 levels I was just barley getting 1 level behind, but when i got into sanfransisco i was caught up by the 1st outbreak, and now im finish the outbreak still 3-4 levels ahead.

    I suggest 1,000 energy for anyones account. The game is just suited for it. Adding any more than that is just going to take away from your strength, and any less, you will be struggling with finishing all your outbreaks.

    oh and 1 more thing for this thread. Use 2 stamina for your boss attacks. You need at least 2 attacks to get a shot at the free UN. so 10 for power attacks, or 2 1 stamina attacks. Get 2 attack in there, You'll get the XP bonus, collect 25 percent of your XP gain at the end of the boss (including that bonus), and then have about a 1 in 50 (my best guess not exact) shot at a 1 free un.
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  6. forbidden7

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    yeah tht whats im aiming later when i get my defense real good :p..but i've seen people leveling to level 10++ something in just weeks?? isnt that awesome 0.0..i took a year..well almost a year to get to that point but still some of their stat is low i guess..so is it worth it?
  7. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Ok heres the deal.Even though I don't play ZS I still seen enough of it to know.

    A)Energy accounts will level FAST(but you need others to basically kill off your single boss before advancing to next country)
    B)Energy accounts will have weak atk/def where even a level 20 could possibly beat them.

    If levels is what you're after,energy for sure.
    If you want some strength with that level,avoid going all energy.
    But I agree get it to 4500 eventually(or maybe slightly higher so you don't lose energy upon leveling)

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