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Discussion in 'Mobile Version' started by mi7ch, May 30, 2015.

  1. ElDiabloCristobal

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    Mobile version sucks you can't craft anything, nearly impossible to collect on hits, you miss most of the game
  2. Mitch - any chance something can be done about the healing in syn wars? You have to click 3 times just to get 1 heal! If you have attacked and your health is down it's a good 5 minutes just to bring the health back up. please please please can we just clikck once and get a heal?

    Thanks so much
  3. JADES

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  4. eFka

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    Pls fix the issue on mobile app. 1) Private group was created by alliance member, but players who are playing on mobile app cant see the join request even they were invited to join the group. With browser is all good. 2) Would be nice to get "back" button, it doesnt work on app as well. Because im clicking on boss link which was posted in group and after "back" it takes me all the way to "job" or "world" chat. 3) If u can pls make alerts for members to see that comment was posted in private group.
    By the way game is nice, i like it. Just need to fix few issues and improve some sections as well, like rivals and pvp battles. Looking forward..
  5. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Thanks for the feedback eFka.

    1) Interesting. I'll get this looked into but it might not be a quick fix
    2) sigh. The Back button can get you into some weird states sometimes depending on what you clicked on. If we can identify some more of the more painful points and are able to reproduce those we can look to fix them up. Thanks for the steps you posted.
    3) I'll pass this feedback along.

    Thanks for taking the time to sign up to the Forum to let us know about this. And welcome!
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