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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SparkleMotion, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I like the tavern, and the more the cowards talk while dead, even if I have them muted, since they become trolls that are dead, as soon as they surfaces they get killed over and over, I choose to mute a few, cause while taking dead they say the dumbest things and it gets boring.
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    The best thing to do would be to block someone who does that to you on FB, this way they cannot see anything about you .
  3. they are blocked now from my face book and in the lounge, but there are many chat rooms that they can post in and it always is sent to you by either their friends or your friends to let you know what is being said. Some chats on fb you have no control over what is said without leaving the chat but it is still spread around. and you cant block every avenue there is to get at you without completely quitting the4 internet but it is always there no matter what you do to try to stop it.
  4. difference is while your in the chat it is a social event wether your alive or dead. people don't have time to check wether they are alive or dead to chat to friends or enemies. And people just wont heal while they are chatting and have to keep interrupting their chat to check to see if they are killed or not. Chats were created in the games to be social with each other, not to make threats and heal all the time especially when the ones who are doing the attacks against them are out of their levels buti do agree that they should not run their mouths if they cannot back it up.
  5. sending in a ticket for outside threats does not accomplish anything except a message back saying that they can not do anything about outside threat. I know I have already tried that route it doesn't matter wether you talkin the tavern or not in lcn, trash talk is carried way beyond the limits once they target you and you don't have to be in the tavern or lounge to have lies made up about you in there and every one in the lounge then starts attacking you to keep you from playing. then the only way you can play is to get on for a few minutes, get what you can done then commit suicide to end your play for the day or until next time you can get online or quit the game and go to another game that does not allow that kind of abuse at all. Until Kano finally does do something about the abusers overstepping the guidelines, its only gonna get worse and people will leave after awhile period, no excuse you can come up or say if you don't like the treatment in the lounge or tavern then don't go in there, because it still happens anyway wether your in there or not. And that's what the true complaints are about no matter how many times you argue against it.
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    no for threats made in lounge that are beyond the game, not threats they make on FB, well ya not the first person, and ya won't be the last, it happens to just about everyone, but they will find someone else, as time goes by, but ya have to keep a low profile, we did not always have a lounge, so ya cannot blame the lounge.
  7. that's just it, yo don't get it, I know this is a fight game. but what goes on in the lounge has nothing to do with fighting at all, anyways in LCN it has nothing to do with fighting. the only thing the lounge does is threaten people, run their mouths, make up lies about others. the people dont do their own fighting in there. at least not all people, they go in there to create all the crap they can then sit back and watch to see how many people in there will do their fighting or take up the same kind of abuse as they do. I would not have a problem with the lounge or any tavern chats at all if their taunts pertain to the game itself. but even you got to admit that is not what happens, if you dont see that then your either completely blind to it or just don't care. but you should not say we all don't care what is said or indicate that everyone enjoys what you do, its simply easier to say I don't care what is said instead of WE and would be the truth, instead of a half lie.
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    what do you care what others say about you, FFS, get a grip already, I understand, what you are saying I am trying to show you how to deal with it and to look at it from a different perspective FFS, but if you want to keep being a victim then, I am wasting my time, good luck, BTW I can say what I want, and by your attitude I am beginning to see why you have become someone's target, ya not looking for help ya just want to whine about it .
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  9. I have played many fighting games over a 20 year period, and i have not seen this kind of abuse in any of them until I went into mafia wars and now in kano games. Sure there were taunts in the chats in those games but nothing personal or about families, nothing about calling others the c word or about physical body parts,, no personal threats, calling their work or family members with threats or made up lies and from what I heard from older players in LCN, none of that kind of abuse was allowed until mafia wars closed down. And also from what I heard Kano did not allow it before mafia wars closed down, when it was proven someone was doing that stuff, from what I was told they were banned from the chats permently or banned permently from the game. Since mafia wars closed down and big spenders came in the game, Kano seems to have forgotten their old rules and now allow it. so people have been leaving or driven out by a few people that are creating all of this stuff because they simply are not allowed to play because people think its funny. but not all people think its funny but they are afraid to speak up because they are afraid that the same thing will happen to them
  10. What you don't get is that the crap people are complaining about has nothing to do with the fighting game at all. you can argue and say that it is a fighting game. I don't disagree with that but you will never make me believe or others to believe that this crap has anything to do with a fighting game.
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  11. I am not talking about myself. If I say something in the chat rooms then I expect what happens with attacks if they can catch me. it has nothing to do with being a coward, its being smart enough not to let hundreds of people attack you. I come into this game to attack bosses, play the events, chat some, and to have one on one fights with people of my level, not to be called names that have nothing to do with me, or to be called someone else's name when I had no ideal who that person was when I first came into this game. if a person has a personal beef with me, I have no problem fighting them one on one as long as they are in my level range, and it's not coward to understand not fighting higher levels, its being stupid to try until your within their range or their level. I don't personally pick fights with higher levels knowing that I can not win right then, but I can do what I want to level when I am online to get to their level and then if there's still a problem with them, solve it then. I don't have to call in others to sit on that person 24/7 every day. I'll handle it when I am their level even if I get my butt kicked then. Too many other people want to jump into something that is none of their business or that the other person started because they are friends to that person. I say let the two solve their own problems if they are the same level.
  12. I fully understand all the perspective of what everyone says. and as far as attitudes goes, you got attitude same as me. I could care less really if they attack me or not if they can catch me. that's part of the game. trying to explain to you that not everyone see it as you do or enjoy the bullying tactics like you do. I never said a word to anyone when I first went into the lounge outside of saying hi to everyone, I sat there and read and saw what was going on that first day. Second day I went into that lounge I was accused of being someone else, simply because I made a couple errors in typing or spelling. and was accused of having someone else phone number on my fb account when I had no such private information like that. I blocked those people then from my fb account. Thought the problem was solved. then these people started calling me someone else's name, so I started blocking them and muting them also. Soon the whole lounge except for a few were picking it up. If they can not call me by my right name in the game, I now mute them and not talk to them. I don't see what they say about me but I do hear it everyday from others asking what is going on. I have no personal knowledge of what this other person did to any of them and I doubt that he did anything to them that was not started by themselves. or lies made up by them. It has nothing to do with the game but still Kano still allows it in the Lounge. you want to talk about the game itself without all the game drama or arguing about the drama, I'll be glad to talk about it without a attitude, but from a lot of your answers you are all for the abuse and trash talk even if it goes beyond the limits and that's why I got a attitude with some of your answers. I am also very proud of who I am or my reputation in the real world so I do care what is said about me. I don't have a problem with it if it is about me, but its about someone else from my understanding that does not even play the game anymore or is online to stick up for themselves. That's not my problem but several people are obsessed with dragging my name and me into their beef with that person. When I don't answer them and just ignore them, they go after other people saying it is because of me that those people are being attacked 24/7. Its nothing to do with me, its their stupid obsession and their beliefs that I would care that they are being attacked. Sure its not fair to those other people, but there is nothing I can do about it so why should i worry too much about it and just give those people more reason o attack others. Sooner or later they will either slow down on their attacks or will drive innocent players out of the game like they have already.
  13. also I did not come on this forum for help. any problems I got I will handle my self when the right time comes
  14. What I say is not about me being a victum really, sure crap happened to me in the lounge. I deal with it. you cant show me how to deal with it because I already tried it your way to deal with it, it didn't solve anything. I've muted all of the people who were trash talking to me and i rarely go into the lounge anymore also. still hasn't stopped it and the attacks still go on. A few I have settled it with in the lounge but the majority of the lounge in Lcn just wants to keep it going. I do not have to do anything or say anything outside of hi and it starts up all again even worse. I'll deal with it with everyone who is doing it when I get their level.
  15. I've sent in the threats in the game along with screen shots., date time it was said etc. They did nothing to stop it. so what does really playing this game do anyone outside of the ones who accept that kind of abuse or join in it with them
  16. Ive done what I could to stop it, so I play another way now when I want too. they are muted and blocked, I rarely go into the chat room anymore, so I came here to chat where i am not called the names and its not allowed. same way as you said, why should I have to change how I play or not talk about what I feel is right. I'm not miserable about it at all, if was, I would not be playing this game, but I will continue to call out what I see as unfair wether you or anyone else doesn't like it.
  17. Anyways you have a nice day continue to play your way or condone anything in the lounge if you want. there's nothing more to say about this that has not already been said.
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    In case you don't know, you can quote multiple messages, you don't have to reply to each individual message to respond. Friendly forum tip.
  20. Thanks, I'm not sure how you do that but I jump around on different forum treads, so I don't always read one whole tread at anyone time. Most of the time I answer what alerts are sent to me when someone responds to what I say. Then when I got time to read something that interests me I go back and reread that tread

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