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  1. mi7ch

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    Hey all,

    Today we’re going to be releasing the new Daily Quests feature on Viking Clan only. This will be coming to Mob Wars: LCN next week but if you’re here from another game feel free to make a character on Viking Clan and venture across the Nine Realms.

    Daily Quests are designed to give you additional tasks to do with a sweet reward at the end! You’ll get three quests (of a maximum of three at a time) to do and these are randomly selected from a few categories. You can be sending Gifts, doing Adventures, or even partaking in some light PvP.

    You have as long as you like to finish each quest, so don’t worry about feeling rushed! Once you complete a Quest, another will show up in your log the next day (Pacific time). You can re-roll one of your Quests if it’s not to your liking, but you can only do this once per day.

    You can find your current list of Quests in the Gods section when this feature is live. You’ll also see a heading called “Loot Chests”, but we’ll get there in a second.


    Clicking on that link will take you to the following page:


    As you can see I have a smattering of Quests to do from attacking a Co-op Boss, to assisting with Challenges. If I don’t want to do one of these Quests, I can click the dice symbol on the left to re-roll one of them. Clicking “Do Quest” on the right will drop you on the appropriate page for completing said task. Once you’ve completed a Quest, you’ll see this screen.


    Note that I've been awarded with a Loot Chest! Let’s click the "view Loot Chest" button to go to the Loot Chest page and check that out.


    When you complete a Daily Quest, you will be rewarded with either a free Loot Chest or a Lottery ticket (most quests reward Loot Chests, there’s one in particular that gives you a Lottery ticket). What’s in a Loot Chest? Well I’ll leave that as a surprise, but it contains everything from Energy and Gold to a couple rewards you can’t find anywhere else. Your Loot Chest also has a chance to be upgraded to a level two chest, or you can pay 15 FP to do so.

    That’s all there is to it! Once we turn this on, try out some Quests, open some Loot Chests and let us know what you think!
  2. Brown Barbaloot

    Brown Barbaloot New Member

    For higher-level players, not much point in having Odin's Rune tasks as a God Quest. Luckily I could re-roll and got a Hunter Challenge instead.
  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hence why we added a re-roll feature, so you can swap Quests that aren't to your liking once a day. :)
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Chances are you had the Lottery quest, which rewards you with a free ticket and not a chest. You can check your Quest history log to see that.
  5. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Mitch I copied and pasted this link and put it in our guild private message board, why is link not clickable?
  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Which link? What happens when you paste the link, any error messages or is it just plain text.

    edit: I have been informed the links do not parse, we'll get it looked it!
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  7. Erik Peterson

    Erik Peterson New Member

    This seems pretty fun, thanks!
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  8. Wolf Spirit

    Wolf Spirit New Member

    Interesting and rewarding new activity - thank you very much :)
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  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I'd like to comment on one thing,

    I did check loot before did much in-game today, and 1 chest item was energy.
    Being at almost max energy already, didn't receive most part of that the reward :(
  10. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Member

    I've found that we do not get stamina from these chest. I've got some energy and cash. You upgrade any yet?
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    No, I will never upgrade anything especially at a price of 15 FP's that's not guaranteed in VC, I'm the person to buy what I can see, not on chance at something.
  12. Ken Hogni Gjukisson

    Ken Hogni Gjukisson New Member

    Your Loot Chest also has a chance to be upgraded to a level two chest, or you can pay 15 FP to do so. How does it " also have a chance" to be upgraded w/o paying 15 FP?
  13. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    When you open it, there is a small chance it will turn into an upgraded chest instead of paying out items.
  14. elrusso08

    elrusso08 New Member

    Greetings to the whole community :)

    I want to share with you a simple idea but *I consider* that it will be useful for the progress of KANO and all its Members:D Be brief: A new Gods Quest refreshes in: 2: 05: 15: 08 <<<<<<<< Why not create an option to buy with Fps a reduction of that time so we can achieve and get the prize as quickly as possible:rolleyes:

    ;)What do you think about this?:cool: For example: 10fps 1d less or it could something like this..: <<<Activate Quest Now ... When we press we should leave a little screen with a message and a mini shop to spent Fpso_O
  15. elrusso08

    elrusso08 New Member

    When someone decides to update a **Chest** for 15Fps They do not think they does it thinking that should not do it because they can not see the content of the Chest:confused:

    It's a question of how you see things:D. For someone who likes to do many adventures that would be more important: 5000Stam or 5000 Energy???;) It will always depend on the player in question:p

    In my case:D ... I update the chests* whenever I have 15Fps available since many of the prizes have left me Items that I had left behind or that I could never get when they were available in real time:confused:

    This idea is one of the best implementations that KANO has never done to this platform and I hope they continue that way for the good of all.:)
  16. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey all,

    Quick update for the Daily Quests today. In reviewing the data that we're gathering around this feature, we noticed that the Quests for completing Adventures was taking was less time than we originally anticipated.

    To tune things up and make this feature more engaging, we're making an adjustment to this Quest. This particular Quest will now require 15 completions (up from 10) in your current highest Location, as opposed to any available one. We'll keep an eye on the data around this change and we can look at adjusting it going forward if necessary.
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